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Best Acting Ensemble - Short - Culver City Film Festival, 2017

Best Director - Amsterdam/Around Intl. Film Festival (Nov 2017 / monthly)
Best Drama Diamond Award - The European Independent Film Award 2017
Best Independent Short Film - Festigious Film Festival (Nov 2017/ monthly)
Best Sci-Fi - Festigious Film Festival (Nov 2017/monthly)
Best Short Film Gold Award - Hollywood Film Competition (Dec 2017 / monthly)
Best Foreign Short - Hollywood Intl. Moving Pictures Film Festival  (Nov 2017/ monthly)
Best Independent Short Film - L.A. Film Awards (Nov 2017/ monthly)
Best Short Film Platinum Award - NYC Indie Film Awards (Dec 2017 / monthly)
Best Independent Short Film - Top Shorts (Nov 2017/ monthly)


Top Shorts (annual)
Best Short Director - Amsterdam/Around Intl. Annual Film Festival, 2018)

North American Film Awards


Official Selection
Woodstock Museum Film Festival 2019
Action on Film Festival
Feel The Reel International Film Festival
Top Shorts 2018
Women’s Only Entertainment Film Festival

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