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Screening Friday September 29th at 3pm
Mini Movie Female Films
TLC Chinese 6 Theaters


Angel Baker Productions is delighted to welcome the prestigious Johann Strauss Society of Germany as a supporter of Eternal Waltz.


Eternal Waltz (IMDb)


Eternal Waltz is an epic short romance about soul recognition and a love that spans lifetimes - from 1887 to the post-apocalyptic future.


Eternal Waltz begins at a tarot party where the lady of the house and the handsome butler have to hide their attraction from her philandering, abusive husband who discovers a love note and puts an end to their secret romance.


But the tarot card reader recognizes true love and serves as their Cupid. He oversees a waltz between lifetimes and, with the help of a mystical music box, he guides the lovers to find each other again in the post-apocalyptic future.

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